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Techprint is a leader in specialty printed graphics, providing a range of superior capabilities, such as embossing. Our embossing service will add character to your electronic devices by adding a three-dimensional design on the surface. Our team of skilled embossers will ensure your design specifications and requirements are met and accurately transferred to any plastic surface you desire.

Embossing is an embellishment technique that creates a raised and more pronounced effect on a surface. It has a wide range of purposes, which enhances or adds function to a material that may have otherwise been flat and plain. Embossing is the process of making a little air pocket in the print for buttons. It is a stylized method of printing that can be applied to almost any material, adding texture and visual appeal. At Techprint, we use embossing for graphic overlays and keyboards and keypads. 

The embossing process differs slightly from other decorative techniques, as it doesn’t require a transfer paper or printing process. It’s an additive process that alters the material through pressure and heat to create a raised design.

This specialty printing technique is widely used in numerous industries, such as Hospitality, Automotive, Aerospace, Medical, Electronics, and more.

Techprint has two fully automatic machines that are dedicated to the highest of quality in embossing.

Typical applications for embossing:

  • Graphic displays
  • Keypads
  • Graphic overlays
  • Nameplates
  • Logos
  • Control panels
  • Membrane switches 

We’re your trusted professional embosser with years of experience and numerous satisfied customers. Each project is done with a quick turnaround, even for larger production runs. Therefore, delivering customer success that’s second to none.

Embossing offers a wide range of benefits that go beyond aesthetics. It can be used as an effective branding tool, adding an extra layer to the surface it’s applied on, making it stand out.

Other benefits of embossing include:

  • Functionality: The most important benefit it offers is its ability to improve the functionality of an object. For instance, graphic overlays with raised elements make it easier for users to find and navigate through the components of an electronic device.
  • Increase usability: Embossing can provide ergonomic advantages to an electronic device, such as making it usable even in low-light situations where the users can pick out keys by touch.
  • More tactile feedback: Providing a more tactile feel is another embossing element. It reduces missed attempts of pressing keys, which increases user satisfaction and accuracy.

As experienced craft cutters and embossers, we can produce different characters through our embossing technique. We allow you to apply various product designs, from simple letters and numbers to more intricate logos.

For a better finish and increased durability, we use quality materials for embossing. Different materials can be used depending on the application, such as PVC or PET, which is often used for keyboards. Our team can help you select the right material based on your requirements.

Our full list of materials for embossing includes:

  • Polycarbonate, Lexan
  • Polyester, Mylar
  • Polypropylene
  • Polyethylene
  • Polystyrene
  • Polyimide, Kapton
  • Polyetherimide, Ultem
  • PVC, Vinyl, Veltex, Sintra
  • Acrylic, Plexiglass
  • Acrylic/PVC, Kydex
  • Synthetic paper, Tyvek
  • ABS
  • PS litho
  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Glass

If you have any questions regarding embossing materials, our team is happy to provide advice!

As a trusted custom embosser, we’re committed to providing you with consistently superior results, no matter what your design may be. These can be achieved through our custom services, which are essential for a particular object to stand out from the competition.

Techprint uses state-of-the-art automatic machinery and processes that guarantee high precision for any embossing job. Our services are developed to provide a perfectly finished product that meets your specifications, while improving your bottom line.

Whether it’s an intricate logo or a detailed design, our custom embosser can customize it to reflect your brand. Furthermore, choosing our embossing service will add value to your product, which is usually selected as an add-on to our manufacturing capabilities.

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At Techprint, we understand how important it is to get the perfect embossing effect for your product. We offer quality, fast turnaround production times, and superior outcomes, giving you peace of mind in every service we offer.

If you have any questions about our embossing service, give us a call today. Or, you may request information about our techniques and prices, and we’ll develop a solution that suits your project best.

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