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Membrane Switches


Membrane switches are printed electronic circuits that open and close a circuit using pressure. They are part of a range of user interface devices that also includes technology such as display-based touch screens and mechanical switches, such as push-button, rocker, toggle, and slide switches. The purpose of a membrane switch is to facilitate the interface of human users and machines. They enable an operator to communicate with various types of equipment, instruments, and machinery.

There are numerous advantages to utilizing membrane switches for industrial applications:

  • Affordable
  • Completely sealed surface
  • Protection by design: water-resistant
  • Simple interface
  • Thin profile
  • Versatile graphic interface, screen printed graphics

Uses & Applications

A diverse range of industries require membrane switches. For each application, the membrane switch must be customized to meet unique environmental and performance demands. Some of the most common applications include: 


In medical-related applications, membrane switches must meet FDA standards and be highly reliable. Laboratory equipment and medical devices require switches that are moisture-resistant and also able to withstand cleaning chemicals. 


A diverse assortment of access control and security systems require membrane switches. 


Membrane switches can provide protection from electrostatic discharge. The membrane panel’s shield layer protects against EMI and RFI. Including LED illumination and tactile feedback in membrane switch design enhances instrumentation performance.


Industrial applications for membrane switches require extreme durability and must withstand harsh environmental conditions. 

Techprint Custom Membrane Switch Capabilities

Techprint custom designs membrane switches to meet the requirements of nearly any application. Our in-house manufacturing and design capabilities facilitate high-quality, cost-effective products. We are ISO-9001 certified and compliant with the standards of numerous professional associations, including:

  • UL
  • CSA
  • ESD
  • RoHS
  • IPC

Techprint’s Design Certification ensures a comprehensive design and approval process, resulting in an end product that meets all of your performance specifications. Customer collaboration is a valued part of all aspects of our development cycle, from design review to verification, first article, and design validation.

Types of Switches

Whether your application requires standard flat switches, rigid circuits, or hybrid flex designs, Techprint has the experience and capabilities to meet your custom requirements. We design and manufacture all widely accepted membrane switch technologies, including:

  • Flat switches. Featuring a low profile, flat membrane switches lack physical tactile feedback when pressed. 
  • Tactile switches. A plastic or metal dome beneath the graphic overlay of tactile switches provides a physical response when touched. 
  • Switches with PCB assembly. Electrical switches that incorporate printed circuits into a flexible construction. 
  • Switches with keypad assembly. A flexible membrane keypad featuring screen-printed circuitry. 
  • Switches mounted to metal backers (metal dome and polydome constructions). A metal backing layer offers rigidity and support to the membrane switch. 
  • Switches with micromotion and backlighting. LEDs, electroluminescent lamps, light guide films, or optical fibers improve switch readability and aesthetics. 
  • Switches with ruggedized options. To meet the needs of industrial applications or perform optimally in challenging environments, ruggedized options provide added security. 
  • Switches with plastic housing. Plastic housing offers improved durability and chemical resistance.
  • Embossed switches. For an added tactile definition, switches can be embossed in rim, pillow, or poly-dome styles. 
  • Switches with rigid & flexible substrates. Depending on application requirements, including circuit density, operating environment, packaging constraints, and other factors, either flexible or rigid switch substrates may be preferable. 
  • Switches with EMI/RFI shielding. Aluminum foil, copper foil, or printed conductive ink shields provide a customized level of EMI or RFI protection. 

Techprint is Your Trusted Source for Membrane Switches

For over 40 years, Techprint has provided specialized solutions that meet the needs of diverse and demanding markets. Our custom-developed membrane switches deliver reliable performance and durability while adhering to all industry-specific requirements. You can learn more about our capabilities by contacting us or requesting a quote today.

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