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Screen Printing

Techprint Inc. is a reputable screen printing service provider serving numerous industries for various applications. Techprint offers high quality sheet fed screen printing services. Our sheet fed screen printing is considered to be the most versatile method of commercial and industrial printing. Our in-house screen printing shop is fully equipped with cutting-edge technology to provide quality screen printing transfers. In addition, these can be customized to match your specific requirements.

With 4 state-of-the-art screen printing machines, Techprint has the capacity to process thousands of batches every day. From plastics and woods to paper, we apply our printing expertise to a variety of materials. While we specialize in producing overlays, medical labels, keyboards & keypads, and other products, we do not offer printing services for clothing. Techprint’s screen printing capabilities are the cornerstone of our manufacturing process.

We’re committed to providing customer satisfaction with our screen print services that are second to none. You can trust our team of experts to deliver quality outcomes and results that exceed your expectations.

Screen printing is a process where ink is forced through a mesh screen onto the substrate. The mesh screen acts as a stencil, trapping the ink and preventing it from passing through to the substrate except where intentional gaps have been left in the design. It has many advantages, such as its ability to produce vibrant colors and intricate details on products or fabrics.

Here are the other benefits of this printing technology:

  • More details with thicker mesh
  • It can be used on almost all types of substrates
  • It can be applied even on irregular surfaces

Techprint Inc. uses state-of-the-art printing machines to ensure that your artwork is printed with the highest quality. Our expertise, experience, and attention to detail are paramount when delivering exceptional services. We understand every customer is unique, so we strive to provide personalized solutions that perfectly meet their requirements.

  • Our process at Techprint involves carefully selecting the perfect color to match our clients’ specifications. We understand that certain materials can affect the final color outcome, so we have implemented a comprehensive system. We keep files of every order since our inception, ensuring that color issues are never a problem.Once the color is chosen, we move on to our meticulous screen printing process. The material is inserted through the printer and expertly curated four times using an incredibly hot belt, combined with UV and infrared technology. After this, the printed materials are cooled, stacked, and sent over to one of our meticulous cutting stations.

    With our attention to detail and advanced techniques, you can trust Techprint to deliver exceptional results every time.

Today, screen printing is used in numerous industries for various applications. Not only are these for textiles but for different types of merchandise.

Some of the typical applications are the following:

  • Upholstery
  • Labels
  • Signage
  • Decals
  • Electronic circuit boards
  • Panels for appliances
  • Package items
  • Sensors
  • Solar cells

We can handle these products and objects in our screen print shop. With the help of our fully automatic and high-speed printing presses, we can manage any number of orders. Whether you need small or large batches, our experienced graphic designers and engineers are ready to take on the challenge.

Techprint Inc. offers custom screen printing services perfect for any requirements. Our team is fully dedicated to working with you every step to ensure that your outcome meets your standards and specifications. Our turnkey solutions are tested and proven, and we can work on sheet sizes from 32 to 44 inches. 

We also offer different manufacturing services, which you can take advantage of. You can choose from the following:

  • Laser cutting
  • Die cutting
  • Laminating
  • Rotary die cutting
  • Sheeting
  • Fabrication
  • Slitting
  • Contract assembly

These additional manufacturing services are designed to meet your specific needs and preferences. You can trust Techprint Inc. to provide the best quality products and services right on time without breaking your budget.

Apart from screen printing, you can utilize various printing technologies. If you think screen printing isn’t ideal for your project, consider our other printing technologies.

Other printing technologies to choose from:

  • Thermal transfer
  • Hot Stamp
  • Silkscreen
  • Flexographic
  • Digital

These technologies are a great alternative if you’re looking for more diverse project options. But whatever you choose, rest assured they are made with quality and care in mind.

At Techprint, Inc., our graphic and engineering design personnel work with clients to determine the best product design with the latest state-of-the-art technology. We provide complete converting and finishing options, and our processes adhere to ISO 9001:2000, UL, CSA, IPC, ESD, and RoHS Compliant standards.

If you have any questions about our services, don’t hesitate to contact us today. You may also request information, and we can provide you with a detailed quotation for the project. Get in touch with us now, and let us take care of all your screen printing needs!

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