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Membrane Switches 

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Techprint is a reputable manufacturer and supplier of all widely accepted membrane switches. We can deliver optimal results with our in-house capabilities. Furthermore, we offer custom membrane switches for aspecific application or purpose. Through our superior and experienced workforce, we can easily accomplish whatever membrane switch design you have.

We’re one of the most trusted membrane switch manufacturers, especially in Massachusetts. We have a 55,000 square ft. facility, where we work on your orders with state-of-the-art and specialized equipment.


What is a Membrane Switch?

A membrane keyboard switch is considered an interface with human and machine capabilities. It’s constructed with several layers of plastic and other materials that must be flexible. On the plastic films, graphic inks and different conductive materials are printed on the surface area. After that, they can control a circuit by opening and closing it.

Furthermore, they have an efficient and compact design, making them ideal for diverse applications. Some examples are industrial equipment and household appliances.

Benefits of Membrane Switches

Due to its impressive capabilities, you can find membrane switches in many industries. Furthermore, it has many benefits, making it a top choice for many domestic, industrial, and commercial clients.

Some of these advantages include the following:

  • Compact profile: A membrane switch is thin and has a compact profile, which means they’re not that thick. The standard thickness is only between 0.005 to 0.040 inches. Even after applying, the rest of its build will still result in barely an inch. Therefore, it’s an excellent option for controllers that are small or other household appliances.
  • Straightforward graphic interface: The overlay of a membrane switch is easy. Most graphics are made through SolidWorks, Adobe Illustrator, and AutoCAD. After that, the digital artwork is printed on the interlay. So you don’t need costly machining processes.
  • Durable against harsh outside elements: Membrane switches are sealed. So it makes them an excellent choice for high protection. The sealing process can be done with the help of pressure-sensitive adhesives or seals that are heated. Additionally, two excellent protection against moisture is polyesters and polycarbonates.
  • Easy to maintain: With no other cavities in a membrane switch, where dust and other contaminants will accumulate. You can just wipe the overlay if there is surface dirt. But overall, these products don’t require maintenance since they only have little to no moving parts.
  • Low cost: Membrane switches are more economical than touch screens and other mechanical surfaces due to their readily available construction materials. 
  • Shields the electronic component from electromagnetic interference: Electromagnetic frequencies and electrostatic discharges can threaten your electronic devices. They are the reasons or causes for malfunctions, but you can also try to add EMF shielding to shield the device from these interferences or frequencies.

Trust Techprint to Create Your Membrane Switches to Your Specifications

We understand how most industries have different requirements, especially with membrane switches. It’s how they can produce their products to the highest standards. Therefore, we provide quality, custom-made membrane switches that adhere to your needs and preferences.

So if you want to receive a product that exceeds your expectations, don’t hesitate to contact us or request a quote today. We’re certified and experienced to handle your orders immediately!

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