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Finding a Single Source Keyboard Design, Engineering, and Prototyping Partner

Developing a New Keyboard Product

Developing a new keyboard product involves many different steps. These steps include subtopics and minor yet vital elements, but the goal is to design a product that does what you want and is practical enough to develop.

That said, the fundamental step-by-step process of developing a keyboard is as follows:

  • Keyboard design: It begins with outlining the basic concept, where you’ll need to come up with a realistic keyboard design, taking into account things like functionality, ergonomics, back-lighting, key feel, and other user experience factors.
  • Engineering the design: Next will come the keyboard engineering stage, where designs are refined. If certain materials don’t meet the requirements for your keyboard design or other electronic device, an engineer can come up with better alternatives. They may also develop a better design that’s easier and cheaper.
  • Keyboard prototyping: After a few iterations, it’s time to prototype your keyboard. It involves taking your idea from paper (or CAD drawing, more likely) and making 3-D models and/or working samples.

Finding a manufacturing partner that can walk you through all stages of development, from design and engineering to prototyping, will cut down a lot of time during the process. Techprint’s team of engineers offers turnkey solutions for keyboards, printed circuit boards, elastomer design, cabling, electromechanical components, and more.


Our Capabilities

At Techprint, we have over 35 years of experience in engineering, designing, and manufacturing custom electronic devices. Our team is dedicated to providing high-quality products that meet our clients’ specific needs and requirements.

  • Flexographic Printing: Our state-of-the-art flexographic printing capabilities allow us to print on a wide range of materials, including polyester, polycarbonate, vinyl, and more. This process is perfect for creating durable keypads with custom designs and graphics.
  • Specialty Circuits: We specialize in designing and manufacturing custom printed circuit boards (PCBs) with advanced functionality. Our engineers can work with a variety of substrates, including FR4, polyimide, and more.

The Importance of Engineering the Keyboard Design

Refining the keyboard design must always go through keyboard engineering. Here, the designs are carefully inspected and tested to see if they meet the project’s prerequisites. These diverse processes will be done by a team of professional engineers who will draw the design on CAD software. If we aren’t able to complete the required design, then there are other alternatives that we can do to fix it such as CAD software, 3D printed models, or printed circuits.

  • CAD Software: This is a crucial tool in the keyboard engineering process. It allows engineers to create detailed and accurate designs, test different materials and components, and make necessary adjustments without having to physically build each iteration.
  • 3D Printed Models: With advancements in technology, 3D printing has become a valuable resource for keyboard engineering. Engineers can now create physical prototypes quickly and easily, allowing them to test the design’s functionality before mass production.
  • Printed Circuits: The use of printed circuits also plays a significant role in keyboard engineering. These circuits allow for more compact and efficient designs, reducing the overall size of the keyboard while still maintaining its functionality.

Some reasons why keyboard engineering is essential in the process:

  • Guarantee manufacturability of the keyboard design: Ensures the keyboard functions appropriately and can be produced cost-effectively without sacrificing quality.
  • Find substitutes to improve the product: Engineers will determine alternatives that can boost your initial design if some details don’t meet the requirements of its intended purpose or application.
  • Modifications or alterations as needed: Our engineers may suggest design modifications to enhance the keyboard’s overall performance and longevity or create a new design from scratch with your ideas and elements incorporated into it.

Engineering the keyboard design is essential for every step of the process, from initial concept development to final production. Creating a high-quality and resilient keyboard product would be nearly impossible without going through the engineering stage.

What’s the Purpose of a Keyboard Prototype?

Prototyping is the final stage once the keyboard product’s design has been revised, enhanced, or polished. A keyboard prototype refers to manufacturing 3D models of the design, which is taken from the CAD software. It serves as the physical realization of your product, and it’s an essential process to catch any flaws or issues that need revisions.

Benefits of a keyboard prototype:

  • Identify problems and make necessary adjustments or changes to eliminate the issues.
  • Determine overall material and production costs.
  • Test the product for functionality, ergonomics, and key feel based on user experience.
  • Quality insurance for the final product.

Creating a keyboard prototype is crucial before going into mass production. It ensures that the product meets all design specifications and prerequisites, helps identify potential issues, and guarantees a superior-quality product to satisfy its users and streamline their operations or production processes.

Let Experts from Techprint Fulfill Your Keyboard Engineering Requirements

Our team of experts will work with you to create the best iteration of your product, including remodeling, prototyping, and keyboard engineering as necessary. We can even take care of the procurement side to keep the process as simple as possible.

Techprint can work as your manufacturing partner to support the entire manufacturing lifecycle of your keyboard design. In addition, our processes are certified to ISO 9001, UL, CSA, IPC, ESD, ITAR, and RoHS Compliance standards so that you can be assured of product reliability.

To learn more about our capabilities and discuss your keyboard product requirements, feel free to request information online. We’d be happy to look at your project and develop a solution that works for you. Contact us today to learn more!

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