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Wearable Biosensors in Medical Applications

Achieving cooperation from even the most willing patients can be a challenge for medical professionals. Patients don’t always report their symptoms accurately and may fail to conduct prescribed monitoring tests at home. What’s more, many patients ignore or deny the initial signs of a health problem even when getting immediate care could improve their condition….

Impact Sensors in Football Helmets

Football is known for its high-energy and high-impact nature. Due to this, it has long been scrutinized for the safety of players involved. Injuries related to the brain have been a consistent concern for decades, often overshadowing this beloved sport. Therefore, the integration of impact sensors in football helmets is a groundbreaking development that could…

Unique Applications for Wearable Health Sensors

When most people think about wearable electronics, the first ¬†image that comes to mind is the smartwatch on their wrist. In reality, there are many highly advanced sensors that are being created in the healthcare sector. They keep track of much more than the number of steps you take, and can provide life-saving data to…

TechPrint Helps the Growing Wearable Medical Devices Market

In 2014, the wearable medical devices market took in around $2.7 billion dollars and is expected to grow in large proportions by the year 2023. Estimates are suggesting the market will reach $10 billion dollars by that year globally. Although there are numerous devices that are manufactured in this market, the largest growth rate is…

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