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Revolutionizing Medical Product Identification

The medical industry is rapidly expanding and revolutionizing medical care worldwide. Innovative medical products, equipment, and services have made leaps and bounds in recent decades, bringing us closer to improvements in medical care like never before.

At Techprint, we provide an innovative solution to medical product identification. We have an extensive range of capabilities to meet the needs of any medical manufacturer. Our cutting-edge technologies allow us to deliver quality barcodes and labels perfectly suited for medical product identification.

Let us learn about Techprint’s medical identification products and capabilities.

Revolutionizing Medical Product Identification

Importance of medical product identification in the Medical Industry

Medical product identification is an essential tool in the medical industry. It allows for efficient tracking of products, services, and equipment and is used to ensure that they are used correctly and safely. With medical product identification, it would be easier to monitor the quality of products and services provided by healthcare organizations.

How Technology Contributes to Medical Product Identification

Medical product identification has taken a tremendous leap forward thanks to technological development and digitalization advances. This goal can be achieved through precise tagging processes, efficient barcoding systems, smart labeling protocols, and more – all of which offer greater traceability throughout the entire supply chain process.

These developments come with greater precision and accuracy in medical product identification for better patient safety. Let’s take a closer look at how printing technology helps with medical product identification.

Graphic overlays

Graphic overlays are an essential component of medical devices and equipment. They provide a layer of protection against dust, dirt, and other contaminants. Furthermore, they can provide additional functionality such as tactile feedback or control identification when combined with a touch panel.

By providing visual cues, graphic overlays also help operators of medical devices to quickly and easily identify control functions. Additionally, graphic overlays help medical practitioners operate a device with minimal effort and time.

Medical labels

Medical labels play an important role in medical product identification, allowing healthcare professionals to identify and access the necessary information about a product easily. Medical labels typically include vital details such as the manufacturer’s name, name of the drug or device, expiration/use-by date, strength/concentration of active ingredients, lot number, serial number, directions for use, dosage information, and warnings.

In addition to providing vital information about a product, medical labels are also used to prevent tampering or misuse of medications and devices.

Membrane Switches

Membrane switches have become increasingly popular in the medical industry due to their ability to provide reliable, long-term operation in complex environments. These switches are constructed using a flexible membrane sheet containing electrical contacts and are typically placed over a printed circuit board (PCB). This configuration enables them to be activated by pressure or other forces applied through a user interface, such as a button or touchpad.


Medical keyboards are used in various applications within the medical industry, including medical transcription, radiology imaging, and laboratory testing. They provide a safe and ergonomic way for healthcare professionals to input data into computers or other medical equipment.

Manufacturing medical keyboards require precision and attention to detail to ensure that each keyboard meets the necessary standards for quality and performance. The keys must be responsive and easily identified for accurate data input.

Printed Electronics

Printed electronics create medical sensors, implantable systems, diagnostic tools, wearables, drug delivery systems, and more. These printed, electronic components can be produced at a much lower cost than traditional semiconductor technology and can be more easily integrated into existing medical devices.

We’re changing the face of medical care

With Techprint’s innovative solutions, we’d love to help you do the same. Our products and services are designed to meet the ever-evolving medical industry needs, ensuring that you have the best tool for tracking products, services, and personnel. Contact us or request more information about our printing technology.

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