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What the FDA’s UDI Rule Means for Medical Labeling

As the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) continues to protect the health of our population through safe products and services, we are always making sure that our graphics and electronic products align with their most recent guidelines. A new identification system known as the Unique Device Identifier (UDI) was developed by the FDA to properly mark and identify medical devices within the healthcare supply chain.

The UDI is a universal and worldwide system that allows for the quick identification of medical devices. All medical devices that are meant for use in the U.S. market will have a unique device identifier number on the label. Through the use of UDI’s, we can expect to see increased patient safety and efficiency, along with accurate and dependable treatment for patients. Additional benefits from the UDI system include a more secure distribution of medical devices and possible integration with electronic health records to better treat patients. Along with the UDI system, the FDA also started the Global Unique Identification Database (GUDID) to standardize identification procedures for devices in the UDI database.

While others in the industry may still only be beginning to transition, Techprint is at the forefront of innovation to incorporate the new UDI rule into medical labels. Our custom labels are designed and manufactured to be used in a variety of applications and are printed with high-quality durable materials.

We offer a variety of printing and finishing processes such as silkscreen-, flexographic, hot stamp thermal transfer, and digital to name a few. We print on a variety of materials; some include polycarbonate Lexan, steel, glass, and polyethylene. Techprint’s laminating, die-cutting, and converting capabilities provide the flexibility to meet any custom product requirements.

Techprint is an UL and CSA approved label manufacturer, and owns a variety of approved label constructions to meet any identification and labeling needs.

To learn more about our printing process, materials, and applications, please visit our website.

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