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New Football Helmet Technology Aims to Improve Player Safety

Whether you’ve been watching football every Sunday this season or not, you know that injuries are a frequent occurrence for players. Some injuries, however, are longer-lasting than others. Traumatic brain injuries have been gaining attention for years as the effects of repeated concussions become recognized. Since concussions can happen at any time during youth, high school, and college, it’s critical to prevent and monitor them at all stages.

Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) is the medical term for what happens to the brain after it’s been exposed to significant trauma over time. It is a degenerative disease that causes the death of brain cells. Some of the earliest symptoms are mood and behavioral changes, but it will later worsen to include memory loss, cognitive problems, and dementia.

Because football players are at a high risk for brain injury, researchers have been working to come up with a solution. The top football helmet manufacturers have been working on updates to prevent and diagnose player concussions. While prevention is ideal, early diagnosis is key to reducing further damage. Riddell is one major brand that has released new football helmets designed to protect against head injuries.

Riddell is among the most popular helmet manufacturers in the US. Their new Riddell InSite Impact Response System utilizes sensors in the helmet to monitor impacts. When significant impacts are found, an alert is sent to the athletic trainer or coach to let them know. The data is also uploaded to a team database for further tracking.
The company also produces custom-fit football helmets using 3-D scanning technology to provide the exact amount of cushioning in the best locations for each player. The tailored approach provides added protection designed for each person.

As a flexible electronics manufacturer, Techprint works with helmet designers to come up with sensors that can be incorporated into sports equipment. Our aim is always safety, so being able to contribute to the next generation of helmets is a responsibility we’re proud of.

To learn more about our capabilities and how we can help design safer football helmets and concussion monitoring technologies, call 1-800-225-2538. You can also request information online.

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