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American Manufacturing Means Creating Value for Our Customers

It’s no secret that manufacturing is returning to the U.S. in a major way—there are countless stories in all the major newspapers providing evidence of this, and even the President, in his state of the union address, pointed out examples of this long-awaited return. As a company who has been lucky to have been experiencing growth throughout the ups and downs of the manufacturing sector, and in the medical marketplace in particular, we at Techprint are excited to see the manufacturing renaissance unfold, and are proud to be a part of it.

In a recent article in Business Insider , Hugh C. Walsh, president of DSM North America, points out the reasons why manufacturing jobs are returning. And why the U.S. is now, as he states, “at the epicenter of the next industrial and innovation revolution.” The reasons he lists are: cheap and abundant natural gas; innovation; rule of law; human capital; de-complexity; public policy and abundance; and credit, currency, and the coming wave of mergers and acquisitions.

While all reasons are significant, here we’d like to focus on innovation. We are a company that prides itself on innovation, staying current, employing the most skilled experts in printed electronics, and moving forward with the times. We take innovation, for the sake of our products and our customers, seriously.

We also know the importance of providing customers with quality products with faster turnarounds and better, more personal service than overseas manufacturers. Everyone is working in a just-in-time environment, therefore it’s important to have flexibility in order to provide products on-time, and when the customer needs it. Lean manufacturing is also important in order to create value for customers. We are personally seeing the return of manufacturing to U.S. shores, and we know why.

We look forward to the future of manufacturing, as a company and a country.

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