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HMI: It’s technical, and why it’s so important

Human Machine Interface (HMI) systems is an important technology right now, and that is especially true for medical devices. With rising healthcare costs and an increasing need for affordable, easy to use medical devices, HMI for medical equipment is becoming an ever-important trend in product design development.

Simply put, HMI systems provide the controls that allow a user to operate a machine or instrument. When done well, they create easy, reliable accessibility and make the function of technology simple and effective. According to this article in Product Design & Development, “the effectiveness of the HMI can affect the acceptance of the entire system; in fact in many applications it can impact the overall success or failure of a product.” Designing a good HMI system entails understanding the needs of everyone who will use it, knowing the key functional requirements, and integrating the best equipment and technology.

These days, our customers are coming to us for full design and manufacturing services, looking for a one-stop solution, and one of the many services we provide our customers with is custom design of keyboard interface devices, using HMI. This may include a touchpad, a tactile switch or any number of other unique key input technologies. We design LED back-lighting solutions to provide visual feedback to the input device. We first listen to our customer’s application requirements and then with our experience we can help recommend the correct technology. We are a supplier of EAO Switch, a leading provider of HMI products, for our custom keyboard products.

With our 40 years of knowledge and in-house engineering services, our capabilities include prototyping, 3D modeling, concept development as well as full production manufacturing. We also work as a UL agent for our clients requiring UL approval. Our emphasis on the latest technology and innovations, including HMI, means new product development for our customers is reliable, cutting edge and modern, making their products not only of the highest quality, but highly competitive and forward thinking.

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