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LEDs for Brighter Printed Electronics

In the electronics world, technology is always changing and products keep getting more and more exciting. It’s an ever-evolving, fast-moving industry.

One of the latest trends we’re regularly seeing and happily providing, is the incorporation of LED technology into the products we’re making. LED lighting is an increasingly utilized technology trend that has come a long way. This longer-lasting lighting has been replacing traditional lighting, and has become the illumination of choice for everything from concert staging to household lighting and street lights. Adding it into custom-printed electronics is a great way to combine two technologies into one.

So what are some of the ways to do this? Well, it all starts with the design flexibility of LEDs (light emitting diodes). They can be used for backlighting our keyboards, as well as individual keys. Illumination will not only improve the look of a keyboard, but also make it easier to operate. Benefits are the LEDs form factors, which allow for low power, longer life, low heat, and thin profile. All of these factors provide for very customizable and flexible design options.

With the addition of advanced fiber optic light guide panels, combined with ultra-bright LEDs, we can fully illuminate a larger area than ever before. This new technology provides even greater design flexibility to our custom keyboard, keypad, and membrane switch products. We can also backlight custom company logos, adding pizzazz and fun to a logo/brand, making it that much more dynamic and vibrant. This creates a high-tech look, along with dimension and visibility—and is a great way to stand apart from the competition.

Techprint has created products with the use of surface mounted single-color, bi-color, and tri-color LEDs. We can create a dead-front appearance that is only visible when illuminated or actuated. This technology allows us to light over tactile or non-tactile keys, and even capacitive touch key technology.
If you’re not sure exactly what it will look like, or how you envision it, we can easily provide images of samples, giving you the opportunity to see your options. If you’ve got questions about how we can make this technology work for you, no problem! Contact us today—we’re happy to help.

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