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Printed Electronics, Smart Football Helmets, and Head Protection: A Promising Partnership

Is it possible to significantly reduce head injuries to football players (of all ages) with the right helmet technology? Thanks to the InSite head-impact monitoring system created by Riddell, the world’s leading manufacturer of football helmets, it just might be.

The highly-innovative system consists of three pieces to gather and analyze data that can help coaches better protect their athletes.

The Riddell InSite Impact Response System is a new helmet-based impact monitoring technology designed to alert when significant single and multiple impacts are sustained during a football game or practice. Coaches and sideline staff will now have Riddell InSite’s unique vantage point inside the helmet at the time of contact to enable improved identification and management of concussion.

So what does this have to do with printed electronics, and specifically with Techprint? As experts in printing technology, fabrication, and assembly, we worked with the designers of the system to help bring the product to market, which is now in the manufacturing stage. We worked closely with their development partner, Simbex, to satisfy their needs of producing thousands of parts.

Our engineering and manufacturing knowledge and capabilities—including conductive printing, die cutting, laminating, fabricating, and electronic assembly—made us the ideal fit for this project. We took our experience and expertise, and manufactured the sensor piece for Riddell’s contract manufacturer, seamlessly working our capabilities into the process and helping to make the product a reality.

Addressing head injury and advancing player safety are paramount to the future of football. The potential that Riddell’s revolutionary system provides is very promising, and we here at Techprint are proud to be a part of it.

*Riddell website
Riddell’s InSite Video, YouTube
“Under the Helmet” Video, YouTube

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