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Rising Demand for X-Ray and Other Diagnostic Devices

As technology advances, it tends to get smaller and more portable. More efficient designs also mean that prices frequently come down over the years, improving accessibility. In the medical field, this is the case with modern diagnostic equipment.

As the cost to see a doctor continues to rise, greater attention has been drawn to portable, at-home diagnostic devices. As an example, smart watches and fitness trackers are often used to track heart rate, sleep habits, and sometimes even blood pressure. These vital signs can then be monitored and sent to a patient’s doctor for review.

Additional portable devices can check things like glucose levels, infections and diseases, cholesterol, and more. Having the ability to check for these health markers at home, or even in a smaller clinic provides a considerable cost and time saving over going to the hospital or scheduling a doctor’s appointment for each test.

These portable diagnostic devices also make it easier to provide care to populations in rural or less developed areas. If the nearest hospital is hundreds of miles away, there is a major benefit to having this type of equipment on-hand nearby. Even if a hospital stay is needed, knowing what problem is ahead of time can improve patient outcomes by cutting down on the time needed to find a diagnosis.

Even X-ray equipment is advancing with more portable options to keep up with growing demand. For patients with limited mobility, portable X-ray devices can be brought to the bed-side for quick and easy imaging. Similarly, CT scans, which offer a more detailed internal view of the body, are also becoming more portable to allow for more convenient use.

As the aging population continues to grow and incidences of chronic illness continue to rise, these types of imaging technology are evolving to meet the changing needs.

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